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NSW Arkitektur

Ole Wiig
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NSW is one of Norway's largest, independent architectural communities located in three locations - in the capital Oslo, in the inland town of Hamar and in the coastal town of Svolvær in Lofoten - strategically placed to be able to handle architectural challenges and planning challenges throughout the country. The architectural community NSW also offers services in a number of other countries. The NSW group consists of two firms: NSW Arkitektur (formerly Narud Stokke Wiig Civil Architects) which was established in 1979 and Studio NSW (formerly ASH Arkitekter) which was established in 1985. The international and multicultural team in NSW in the period 2020-21 has had 70 employees from 15 countries and with a good age spread. The presentation of employees on page 420 contains everyone who has been employed during this period.

The content of the book focuses primarily on the company's future, with less focus on the past. History is mainly covered by pointing to good and solid foundations - not retrospectively, but rather as a basis for the future. The book also reflects the innovative nature of the projects. The book is structured under six main themes, or chapters. Under the individual themes, a limited number of projects from the architectural community's large output have been included. Certain projects are presented in a larger context, where NSW has first drawn up an overall plan for an area, or larger building, and then followed up with individual projects within the overall plan. Most of the projects are presented quite comprehensively, while others are presented as individual illustrations, or "spices", to support the individual themes. The selection of projects represents a deliberate variation in task types, geographical spread, at home and outside, large and small, new and existing, as well as additions and extensions. The projects in the book therefore range from the Pumpehuset for district heating in Svolvær of 17.5 m2 to the extension of Oslo Airport Gardermoen of 115,000 m2.


Editor: Ole Wiig

Publisher: NSW Arkitektur

Format: Hardback

Pages: 431

ISBN: 9788230344026

Publication Date: 2022