OPOP. Operative Optimism in Architecture

OPOP. Operative Optimism in Architecture

Manuel Gausa & Susana Cross
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This book presents a compilation of the most recent European architecture. This is a sort of optimist's manifesto about the possibilities and challenges of present-day architecture. Influenced by the new digital context, architects reconsider their work in very different ways, but all believe firmly in the material results of architecture. The book is divided into six chapters: "synthetic logic", about concise and direct ways to provide solutions to the project; "direct logic", about an unbiased and uninhibited attitude; "productive logic", about a new form of materializing the potentials of manufacturing; "interactive logic", about the new possible relations between edifice, matter and nature; "processing logic", about the projects that really consider information as a means of providing shape; and "genetic logic", about design in accordance with dynamic and evolutionary systems. Compiled by Manuel Gausa and Susanna Cros, this book contains works by FOA, MVRDV, UN Studio, Actar Arquitectura, V. Guallart, D. Lewis, F. Roche, F. Soriano, NOMAD, Neutelings and Riedijk, Njiric+Njiric, Lacaton and Vassal, W. Muller, NOX, Abalos and Herreros, NL Architects, Peripheriques and IaN+.


Author: Manuel Gausa & Susana Cross

Publisher: Actar

Format: Paperback

Pages: 270

ISBN: 9788495951601

Publication Date: June 2005