Peter Märkli - Drawings

Peter Märkli - Drawings

Peter Märkli; Claudia Mion and Fabio Don (editors)
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Since his first projects in the 1980s, drawings have always accompanied the architectural work of Peter Märkli. They are patiently recorded images and thoughts that occasionally have an associative relationship with the designs. Often however they are independent, free notes based on inner images. This volume compiles a large number of such drawings. Eight texts by various authors from different cultural fields and an overview of all drawings produced since the beginning complement this remarkable collection. Since the 1980s, Peter Märkli has been one of the most important architects in Switzerland, where he enjoys a very special status. Text in English and German.

Author: Peter Märkli; Claudia Mion and Fabio Don (editors)

Publisher: Quart Architektur

Format: Paperback

Pages: 239

ISBN: 9783037611234

Publication Date: June 2016