Recycle: The Essential Guide

Recycle: The Essential Guide

Duncan McCorquodale
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Have you ever thought about how much rubbish you throw away? How every vegetable you buy at the supermarket seems to be wrapped in twice its weight in packaging? "Recycle" is a comprehensive resource that asks all these questions and provides accessible, practical answers on what each individual can do to close the loop. With detailed coverage on the how's what's and where's of recycling, it supplies clear, accessible information about the materials and processes of recycling. These are illustrated by case studies, and a comprehensive international directory points readers on to the organisations and authorities that can assist them in their next steps. "Recycle" is brilliantly illustrated and cleverly designed, with colourful photographs, charts and illustrations bringing the text to life, and providing a much needed antithesis to the traditionally dry treatment of the subject matter. With landfill space dwindling at a shocking pace and climate change tangibly evident, there is a rising awareness of the responsibility we hold for our environment. "Recycle" is a refreshingly accessible and comprehensive resource and will be an indispensable addition to any eco-conscious household. "Recycle: The Essential Guide" is a basic introduction to the hows, whats, whens, and wheres of recycling. With vibrant visuals and a clear, accessible layout, the book illustrates all angles of the subject - from the urgency of resource depletion to the lighter, consumer oriented aspect of eco-design. "Recycle" opens with an introduction from renowned "Guardian" journalist, Lucy Siegle. In her inimitable way, Siegle contextualises recycling in the changing global economy; discussing the way it has changed throughout the ages, and raising questions about where it is headed. Following the introduction, is a comprehensive section of recyclable materials; Paper, Plastic, Metal, Glass, Household Waste and Compost. Each material is explained in depth; how it is sourced, its impact on the environment, how the recycling process occurs; and what each individual reader can do to facilitate these processes. Interspersed amongst these sections will be a variety of little stories, facts and suggestions for inventive reuse in the home. Colourful and distinctive images run alongside, giving voice to the text. The third section of the book is a series of twenty case studies from around the world. These case studies pay tribute to exceptionally successful or innovative approaches to recycling, such as those of Green Dot Germany and Curitiba, Brazil, as well as representing the darker side of recycling - that of illegal export of waste to developing countries. Some of the cases will be on a national scale, others small, local initiatives. Together, they illustrate just how global this issue is, and how important it is to learn from others, to find solutions to the ever expanding problem of waste. A consumer directory follows; from chairs made out of bathtubs, to bags made out of billboard banners and strange countertop alternatives of melted mobile phones, this section addresses the issue of eco-design. In order to move forward with recycling, we as consumers need to support the recycling industries, as well as the designers and artists who are using found resources, rather than producing new ones. Funky furniture, clothes and home accessories, brilliantly illustrated, with contact details alongside, will show that ethical living and trendiness don't necessarily contradict each other. "Recycle" is a call to action, and the penultimate section of the book shows readers how to take that action. A comprehensive international directory points readers in the direction of organisations and companies who can offer advice and solutions to any recycling query they may have. This directory is divided into three sections; governmental, non-governmental and materials. Whether you're wondering about glass recycling or need to get in touch with your local authority, this directory will guide your way. Finally, a glossary clarifies the meaning of all the important recycling terms. It's time to wake up and smell the rubbish. It's time to take responsibility for our waste. "Recycle" is the essential guide for all those who want to take that journey, but aren't sure where to start.

Author: Duncan McCorquodale

Publisher: Black Dog Publishing London UK

Format: Paperback

Pages: 256

ISBN: 9781904772361

Publication date: April 2006