Retropioneers: Architecture Redefined

Retropioneers: Architecture Redefined

Jane Duncan (editor)
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What does the future of architecture look like?  This book brings together opinion pieces by all the RIBA Ambassadors and other leading voices, setting the scene for how our industry will look in the future and the role that architects could, and perhaps should, play in this new world.

This book is an exciting, provocative work which will set the standard for debate within the architectural community and spearhead intellectual discourse around the state of the industry and its role in the future. Essays are based around topics of architectural debate, including equality, research, collaboration and the role of young architects, and look at each side of the debate from both a top-down view and a revolutionary grassroots view.

    Author: Jane Duncan (editor)

    Publisher: RIBA Publishing

    Format: Paperback

    Pages: 91

    ISBN: 9781859467565

    Publication Date: July 2017