Standard Building Contract with Approximate Quantities for use in Scotland 2016

Standard Building Contract with Approximate Quantities for use in Scotland 2016

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SBCC produces building contracts and guides designed to meet the needs of the construction industry in Scotland. They are based on JCT contracts but compliant with Scottish law and practice.



  • for larger works designed and/or detailed by or on behalf of the Employer, where detailed contract provisions are necessary and the Employer is to provide the Contractor with drawings; and with approximate bills of quantities to define the quantity and quality of the work, which are to be subject to remeasurement, as there is insufficient time to prepare the detailed drawings necessary for accurate bills of quantities to be produced; and
  • where an Architect/Contract Administrator and Quantity Surveyor are to administer the conditions.

Can be used:

  • where the Contractor is to design discrete part(s) of the works (Contractors Designed Portion);
  • where the works are to be carried out in sections;
  • by both private and local authority employers;
  • where provisions are required to cover named specialists.


      Publisher: SBCC

      Format: Paperback

      ISBN: 9781909432284

      SBCC Code: SBC570

      Short Code: SBC/AQ/Scot 2016

      Publication Date: October 2017

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