Steeple Chasing: Around Britain by Church

Steeple Chasing: Around Britain by Church

Peter Ross
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Churches are all around us. Their steeples remain landmarks in our towns, villages and cities, even as their influence and authority has waned.

They contain art and architectural wonders - one huge gallery scattered, like a handful of jewels, across these isles. Award-winning writer Peter Ross sets out to tell their stories, and through them a story of Britain. Join him as he visits the unassuming Norfolk church which contains a disturbing secret, and London's mighty cathedrals with their histories of fire and love.

Meet cats and bats, monks and druids, angels of oak and steel. Steeple Chasing, though it sometimes strikes an elegiac note, is a song of praise. It celebrates churches for their beauty and meaning, and for the tales they tell.

It is about people as much as place, flesh and bone not just flint and stone. From the painted hells of Surrey to the holy wells of Wales, consider this a travel book ...

... with bells on.

Author: Peter Ross 

Publisher: Headline

Format: Paperback

Pages: 432

ISBN: 9781472281951

Publication Date: February 2024