Suprarural Architecture

Suprarural Architecture

Ciro Najle and Lluís Ortega (editors)
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The Atlas of rural protocols in the American Midwest and the Argentine Pampas is structured along eight systems of organization: transport and infrastructure, land subdivision, agricultural production, water management, storage and maintenance, human habitation, animal management, land management. Each of these systems possesses a number of organizational types, material components, normative relationships, and spectra of performance, which become available through a manual of instructions for a Suprarural architectural environment. The research is based on a realistic-overriding ethics towards design that operates by abstracting and intensifying unexplored territorial phenomena.

Essays by Ciro Najle, Lluìs Ortega, Anna Font, Paul Andersen, David Salomon, Teresa Galì, Ramon Faura, Julian Varas, Francisco Cadau, Lluìs Viu, and Axel Cherniavsky.

Photography by Pablo Gerson.

Awarded by Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in Fine Arts.

Author: Ciro Najle and Lluís Ortega (editors)

Publisher: Actar

Format: Paperback 

Pages: 300

ISBN: 9781940291543 

Publication Date: January 2017