Sustainable Interior Design

Sustainable Interior Design

Chloe Bullock
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What does it mean to be a sustainable interior designer? Where do you start? This book demystifies how to be a sustainable interior designer, both within practice and on design projects. It gives you the tools to educate clients that sustainable practice isn’t necessarily more expensive, and what the options available to them are in terms of design concept, materials and finishes. Importantly, the book also looks at sustainable supply chains, particularly important when specifying FF+E.

Where to start being sustainable can be a difficult decision. Acting as a primer for interior designers at any stage of their career, it outlines what you really need – and don’t need – to know. Inspirational case studies from around the world sit alongside crucial guidance on the benefits of being sustainable and how to work with enlightened clients.

There is information on how sustainable design contributes to health and wellbeing, all backed up by authoritative best practice guidance.  


Author: Chloe Bullock

Publisher: RIBA Publishing

Format: Paperback

Pages: 168

ISBN: 9781914124990

Publication Date: May 2024