Territoires de Desobeissance

Territoires de Desobeissance

Linna Choi and Tarik Oualalou
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Architects are building in and for a system that is not only pathological but toxic, which destroys the earth. We clearly at the end of what remains possible in this ecology.

The architectural trajectory presented in this book is a form of resistance, engaged in societies and rooted in its territories. Resistance to the trivialization of our daily environments. Here the search for singularity is not a formal and fetishistic exercise, but a constant search for unique crystallizations of moments in environments. A way to re-enchant the world.



Author: Linna Choi and Tarik Oualalou

Publisher: Actar Publishers

Format: Hardback 

Pages: 416

ISBN: 9781945150210

Publication Date: March 2018