The Hidden Dimension

The Hidden Dimension

Edward T. Hall
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People like to keep certain distances between themselves and other people or things. And this invisible bubble of space that constitutes each person's "territory" is one of the key dimensions of modern society. Edward T. Hall, author of The Silent Language, introduced the science of proxemics to demonstrate how man's use of space can affect personal and business relations, cross-cultural interactions, architecture, city planning, and urban renewal.

 "One of the few extraordinary books about mankind's future which should be read by every thoughtful person." -Chicago Tribune

"This is a book of impressive genius, replete with unusually sharp observations." -Richard J. Neutra, Landscape Architecture

Author: Edward T. Hall

Publisher: STC - Hi Marketing

Format: Paperback

Pages: 217

ISBN: 9780385084765

Publication Date: September 1990