The Ingenious Mr Flitcroft: Palladian Architect 1697-1769

The Ingenious Mr Flitcroft: Palladian Architect 1697-1769

Gill Hedley, Charles Saumarez Smith (Introduction)
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Henry Flitcroft was first employed by the leading aristocratic architect of the time, Richard Boyle, Lord Burlington, who helped him to establish his long career. Flitcroft had about 50 clients over 40 years, working for many dynasties, including the royal family, the Bedfords, the Yorke/Hardwickes and the Malton/Rockinghams. Remarkably, he was employed regularly by the Duke of Montagu and his family from 1725 to 1765, and the Hoare family from 1728 to his death in 1769, and was responsible for some of the great country houses of the period including Wimpole, Woburn Abbey and Wentworth Woodhouse.

This is the first book which details his life and examines his complete body of work. It sets Flitcroft within his social context, providing insights into those for whom he worked as well as his fellow architects. Flitcroft waged fierce battles to maintain his professional positions at Westminster Abbey and St Paul's and the documents are revealed here for the first time.

The book dissects the dramatic story of Flitcroft's insane son and the legal cases that ensued which link Flitcroft and G.E. Street, who inherited Flitcroft's own house in Hampstead. In addition, Flitcroft's furniture designs are assessed and his notable churches and London buildings including Chatham House, Benjamin Franklin House and Pushkin House.

Finally, his last great project at Stourhead is re-examined.


Author: Gill Hedley, Charles Saumarez Smith (Introduction)

Publisher: Lund Humphries

Format: Hardback

Pages: 196

ISBN: 9781848226500

Publication Date:  November 2023