The Wealth of Cities and the Poverty of Nations

The Wealth of Cities and the Poverty of Nations

Christof Parnreiter
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Cities are seen as essentially “good”: innovative, pro-growth, poverty-reducing. In a challenging corrective to this common portrayal, Christof Parnreiter argues that the same urban properties which make cities so extraordinarily proficient at producing the “good” innovations – agglomeration economies, network externalities and a massive built environment – also provides fertile ground for the development of the “bad” ones, on which urban elites have syphoned off wealth from other localities and regions.

The book scrutinizes the interconnections between wealth creation and poverty generation by putting cities centre stage as a fundamental explanatory category for understanding how the wealth of nations is produced as well as for grasping how the poverty of nations is created. It seeks to correct the developmentalist enthusiasm, commonplace in urban and regional studies, for cities’ efficiency, which has displaced interest in cities’ role in uneven development.


    Author: Christof Parnreiter

    Publisher: Agenda Publishing

    Format: Paperback

    Pages: 160

    ISBN: 9781788215596

    Publication Date: May 2024