Twenty-Five+ Buildings Every Architect Should Understand - 3rd edition

Twenty-Five+ Buildings Every Architect Should Understand - 3rd edition

Simon Unwin
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The underlying theme of Twenty-Five+ Buildings Every Architect Should Understand is the relationship of architecture to the human being, how it frames our lives and orchestrates our experience; how it can help us make sense of the world and contribute to our sense of identity and place. Exploring these dimensions through a wide range of case studies that illustrate the rich diversity of twentieth- and twenty-first-century architecture, this book is essential reading for every architect. With the addition of numerous shorter analyses, this new edition covers an even greater range of architectural ideas, providing students and architects with further inspiration for exploration in their own design work.

Architects live by ideas. But where do they come from? And how do they shape buildings? There is no one right way to do architecture. This book illustrates many.
Its aim is to explore the rich diversity of architectural creativity by analysing a wide range of examples to extract the ideas behind them. In this new edition supplementary analysis and discussion has been added to each of the twenty-five case studies, drawing attention to their influences from and on other architects. 


Author: Simon Unwin 

Publisher: Routledge

Format: Paperback

Pages: 326

ISBN: 9781032532356

Publication Date: November 2023