Visual Discoveries: A Collection of Sections

Visual Discoveries: A Collection of Sections

Allen Keith Yee
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There are three standard methods to visually represent a building: the plan, elevation, and section. The section drawing is a vertical slice of a building, depicting the relationships between interior and exterior as well as any level changes. While the section can serve as merely a functional drawing for construction, it can also be an exciting, revelatory drawing that can artfully depict a building, landscape, or object.

Throughout history, many individuals have used the cross section as a tool to create, explore, or investigate. Visual Discoveries: A Collection of Sections is an image-forward book that is devoted to showcasing notable section drawings throughout history and demonstrating that the section drawing, while having roots in architecture, has spread to many other professions and disciplines. These professions include medicine, transportation, product design, geology, and landscape architecture.

Some of the greatest thinkers and inventors in history like Leonardo da Vinci, Charles Darwin, and Robert Fulton, have created remarkable section drawings for their investigations, research, and work.


Author: Allen Keith Yee

Publisher: Oro Editions

Format: Paperback

Pages: 250

ISBN: 9781943532964

Publication Date: October 2020