Walking the Streets/Walking the Projects

Walking the Streets/Walking the Projects

Owen Hatherley
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Walking the Streets/Walking the Projects takes a walk through the housing projects of New York and Washington DC.

‍From cultural complexes in Manhattan to New Deal-era public housing developments in Brooklyn, from the social experiment of Roosevelt Island to Communist housing co-operatives in the Bronx, from the union-driven rebuilding of the Lower East Side to DC’s magnificent Metro, these projects prove that Americans could, in fact, plan and build fragments of a better society, which survive and sometimes thrive today in one of the unequal places on Earth. 

In the midst of a housing crisis and the search for new political alternatives, this book asks what a new generation of American socialists might be able to learn from these attempts at building a better world.


    Author: Owen Hatherley

    Publisher: Repeater Books

    Format: Paperback

    Pages: 280

    ISBN: 9781915672445

    Publication Date: June 2024