Wellbeing in Interiors Philosophy, Design and Value in Practice

Wellbeing in Interiors Philosophy, Design and Value in Practice

Elina Grigoriou
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This highly illustrated guide explores how the design of interior spaces can impact on wellbeing, enabling interior designers and project teams to understand how specific decisions about sustainable design and materials can be implemented on a day to day basis. Each section of the book ends by placing each issue into context, exploring how it is a part of sustainable design. Practical examples are included throughout to illustrate the themes covered. 

This books aims to raise awareness of the impact interior environments have on wellbeing, and provide details and guidance on how to immediately apply the knowledge to short and long term projects. It also quantifies the impacts in financial and other value terms, making this book immediately useful in a designer's day-to-day work.


    Author: Elina Grigoriou

    Publisher: RIBA Publishing

    Format: Paperback

    Pages: 207

    ISBN: 9781859465790

    Publication Date: July 2019