What if Women Designed the City?

What if Women Designed the City?

May East
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Dr. May East here explores the set of symbiotic relationships between women and the cities they live and work in. She considers how cities would look if they were designed by women, and how that design (or redesign) could help to achieve the dream of regenerative urban neighbourhoods.

What if Women Designed the City? offers a fresh perspective on urban development by giving voice to local women from many different countries and backgrounds and it reveals multiple untapped potentials rooted in the uniqueness of their neighbourhoods. The book builds on the core assumption that women can contribute significantly more to urban planning decisions and implementation, and in doing so enrich and add value to urban environments and specifically to their own neighbourhoods. Drawing on in-depth walking interviews with 274 women, May East identifies 33 leverage points that can enable urban planners, policy-makers, practitioners, and communities to intervene in urban planning systems so that cities can be greener, more inclusive, more liveable, and even poetic!


Author: May East

Publisher: Triarchy Press

Format: Paperback

Pages: 186

ISBN: 9781913743871

Publication Date: January 2024